In keeping with the new USC Strategic Vision’s call for “transforming education for a rapidly changing world,” the General Education (GE) Faculty Committee engaged in a wide-ranging discussion of the purposes of GE, the many excellent qualities of the current program, and the educational objectives and core values GE should embody.  The recommendations that emerged from the Committee’s deliberations were put into draft, distributed to all members and revised according to their feedback and suggestions, as well as feedback and suggestions from other stakeholders.  Recommendations reflect majority consensus, not unanimous judgments.

Several dominant themes marked the Committee’s deliberations, including the centrality of the liberal arts to GE, the importance of academic quality and rigor, maximizing flexibility to students, and encouraging innovation and tapping faculty creativity in new course development.

One note:  The committee was charged with developing recommendations regarding the best form and structure of GE for USC in the 21st Century, independent of potential financial impact of these recommendations on the various academic units.  Financial considerations will be tightly managed to avoid adverse financial impacts to schools.

We invite your feedback to the Committee recommendations.   All input will be reviewed, and a final set of recommendations will be prepared for the Provost’s consideration.  All comments should be received by October 1, 2012.

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